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Archive for January 30th, 2011


Trailer Park Buttermint Pie

Making a pie from Buttermints! Buttermints are free, they’re at the counter at many restaurants & hotels. It’s easier to go buy a package, but if you’re lucky or have the time… You can grab a few handfuls for this great pie recipe! This cool and creamy pie has the unique taste of Buttermints… in […]

Pink Champagne Cupcakes

It doesn’t have to be New Years to enjoy my Pink Champagne Cupcakes! Won’t your friends be impressed when you bring these classy pink tinged cupcakes! The Secret Ingredient is : Pink Champagne! A delightful Angel Food Pound Cake Texture.. with the Sparkle and Zing of Pink Champagne! Top them with your favorite Buttercream icing and […]

Caffeinated Candy Energy Bacon

I love Bacon! Hold me back from Bacon area on a Breakfast Buffet.. Because I just may take all of it…. I’m not ashamed… The internet is full of recipes for bacon, bacon wrapped items bacon topped items….bacon filled items….. But this bacon is perfect to get you going in the morning! My Bacon Candy […]

Holiday Cranberry Frost Frozen Pie

Most of you have experienced Cranberries in their “Natural” state: that is “Out Of The Can”! But stopping by the Produce section, you can find some Fresh Cranberries… which will really give this pie a Zing that’s perfect for Thanksgiving , a Holiday Luncheon or Potluck. This Yesteryear pie does use uncooked egg products, so […]