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Divinity Candy : Old Fashioned Treat!

Divinity Candy is a recipe you should try to make when you’re having a great day.. A day where┬ánothing can get you down… It’s not the easiest recipe to master, and it may not work each time…. You’ll even need to be a Weatherman, and check the Humidity for the day… (Which by the way […]

Easy Peanut Butter Fudge

It never fails, whenever I want to make fudge, I’m out of something that makes it! I’ll find a fudge recipe, but it always calls for Marshmallows, Marshmallow Cream or some kind of Condensed Milk that I sure don’t have at the moment…. This recipe is easy, it uses ingredients already in your cabinet! It’s […]

Caffeinated Candy Energy Bacon

I love Bacon! Hold me back from Bacon area on a Breakfast Buffet.. Because I just may take all of it…. I’m not ashamed… The internet is full of recipes for bacon, bacon wrapped items bacon topped items….bacon filled items….. But this bacon is perfect to get you going in the morning! My Bacon Candy […]